Gutter Cleaning & Brightening

Gutters can be tricky to clean and keep clear because they essentially act like pockets or hiding spaces for a lot of things that you do not want in there. This can include everything from dead leaves, tree branches, stagnant water, and plants, to ice, rodents, bird's nests, and insects.

Over time, these things can caused gutters to become clogged which will result in more serious problems, like structural damage to the roof, for the homeowner if water cannot flow through completely during rain and severe weather. This is why Baltimore residents should invest in regular gutter cleaning services along with other cleanings around the home from MAC Power Washing Power Washing - a veteran owned business.

The Need for Brightening

Gutters are also an important aesthetic feature of your home because the edges and corners are always some of the most noticeable features of the house. This is why the surface of the gutters themselves also needs to be cleaned and brightened.

Gutter and downspout of a house with a blue sky and white clouds in the background.

What Does a Gutter Brightening Do?

Most gutters seem to always have some amount of dark spots or stripes along the outside surface. This is actually caused by static interacting with moisture, algae, debris from the roof, and other materials in the environment nearby. A professional cleaning company like MAC Power Washing can use a solution that is specially formulated to remove these problem areas without affecting the paint or metal surface of the gutter. Technicians also have equipment that will help them reach these difficult spots, which is not easy without the right ladders or long cleaning tools.

A Unique System for Cleaning a Network of Gutters

Gutters are different from many other areas around the home because they need to function as a complete system that will push water off of the roof and away from the home. This is why in addition to the normal cleaning process, gutters also need to be checked for proper flow and gaps in the network. MAC Power Washing's technicians will not only clean the inside of the gutters and make sure the exterior surfaces are bright, but they can test the system afterwards to ensure that there are no blockages or gaps that can cause water damage or other problems even after a cleaning.


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