Residential Services

One of the most common reasons you will want to contact a company like MAC Power Washing is to keep the outside of your home looking perfect throughout the year. Curb appeal has a very real effect on a home's value and a professional exterior cleaning is one of the best ways to optimize this factor. The Baltimore area and the rest of Maryland is affected by seasonal changes that can all have an impact on your home.

What does residential cleaning include?

With all of these services to choose from, there are also a number of other factors that make MAC Power Washing a superior choice for cleaning services in the Baltimore area, these include:


House Washing (Soft Washing)

Exterior surfaces of the home such as siding need regular cleanings to remove buildup of dirt, pollen, dust, and mold that occurs throughout the year.

Gutter Cleaning

Dead leaves and other plant debris and a common cause of clogged gutters. When gutters are clogged, they will fail and potentially cause water damage and other problems on the exterior of the house.


Pressure Washing

Driveways, sidewalks, walkways and other concrete surfaces around the home receive lots of wear and tear from foot traffic and vehicles driving over them. A professional pressure washing is the only way to make sure that these areas are free from dirt and debris which will cause cracking and damage over time.

Concrete Sealing

Because of this potential for damage to concrete a sealing can be a great investment for homeowners. The seal will bring out the natural colors of the surface, which makes it more appealing to the eye, as well as protecting against future damage from weather and the elements. This is especially important in areas with drastic seasonal changes like Maryland and the Baltimore metro area.


Rust and Oxidation Cleaning

Many surfaces around the home can become covered in rust or other materials. This can happen on a number of surfaces such as concrete, brick, aluminum, stucco, and even soft surfaces like vinyl siding and clay. A professional cleaning will return the substance to its natural color and remove all contaminants.

Flat Surface Maintenance

MAC Power Washing has developed a seasonal plan that will keep all surfaces around the home free from oil, chemicals, and organic debris that builds up over the years. This system includes a number of specialty cleaners that are used in a specific order based on the time of year and steps in our proprietary cleaning process.


Learn about the benefits of our residential cleaning

If your home sounds like it could be improved by any of these residential services, get in touch with MAC Power Washing Power Washing today to help your home reach its full potential.

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