Concrete & Pavers

Concrete on the ground areas around a home always seems to be covered in dark or green spots, which is a combination of substances like dirt, oil, algae, mold, and mildew. This is especially true in areas that have lots of foot traffic or cars driving over them year round like driveways, sidewalks, and paved walking areas. The only thing that can really get deep into the surface of concrete or paved surfaces is a tool that provides focused power and pressure washing to these difficult to clean surfaces.

Power Washing Equipment

MAC Power Washing Power Washing can use high strength tools and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for washing all residential concrete surfaces that are strong enough to remove dirt, oil, and debris without causing cracks or gaps from excessive force. This can require a combination of the right tools and techniques, but MAC Power Washing Power Washing's employees will make sure the job is done correctly and to your personal satisfaction. Pressure washers are normally the main solution for getting a concrete or paved surface clean.


What Exactly Causes Discoloration on Concrete?

All of the nasty things that end up on the bottom of someone's feet or tires will come into contact with these surfaces. While concrete is a strong compound, things like dirt, oil, grease, and chemicals that leak from cars will cause discoloration and damage eventually. Even walkways that only experience foot traffic will eventually become covered in many of these same substances. Some debris that gets stepped on or ran over by tires will basically become a permanent fixture on the surface of the concrete without a proper cleaning using high strength tools. The buildup of these things causes a dark or dirty appearance if the concrete has not been cleaned in a while. In some situations, a strong sealing compound can be used to minimize the effects and buildup of dirt and foot traffic.

An Estimate for a Concrete Cleaning

Depending on the size and shape of the concrete surfaces around your home, the team at MAC Power Washing Power Washing will come up with a cleaning plan during their estimate process and make sure the surfaces are in the best condition possible to weather the elements that occur throughout the seasons in Baltimore. Be assured that your driveways and walkways will look better than the day you moved in.


The Need for Expert Help

With all of these unique issues related to rust, it is important to retain professional help in Baltimore if you want to have the rust around your home removed safely and properly. Get in touch with MAC Power Washing Power Washing today for rust removal and experience the difference.

Veteran Owned Business

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All service guarantees you get are not made out of thin air. We use the best tools & equipment so you got all your money worth it, even more, to get satisfied. By using our services, your house is taking care of by a certified team with years of experience so you can sit and relax because your house is handled by the best hand.

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